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May 21st, 2014 by Interactive Insurance Agency of America, LLC

Boating Safety Tips: Holiday Weekend

With the Florida weather heating up, many people will be hitting the water to enjoy the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.  As the boating season begins and the waterways become crowded with vessels and captains alike, the possibilities for accidents and fatalities are at their peak. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife officials, inattentiveness of the boat operator is one of the primary contributing factors in boating accidents, and alcohol was cited as the leading known contributing factor in fatal boating accidents. Law enforcement officers will be on patrol this weekend and throughout the boating season, with a keen eye out for … [Read more...]

Dog Owners: Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

Did you know that man’s best friend is behind ONE-THIRD of all homeowner’s claims? Who would've thought? Over the last decade, the number of insurance claims related to dog bites has stayed about the same. A lot of people probably have no idea whether they are covered if Fido flips out on the delivery boy (or worse: the neighbor's kid). Then, all of the sudden, the amount of money paid out in claims ballooned to nearly $500 million per year! That's an increase of 51% over the last decade, according to the data from the Insurance Information Institute (III). Here are some facts from the American Veterinary Medical Association: Each … [Read more...]

Uninsured Floridians Still Searching For Health Care Coverage

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has the potential to extend healthcare coverage to the estimated 3.9 million non-elderly uninsured Floridians.  There are approximately 100 health plans to choose from on the federally-run online Marketplace (aka: the health insurance “exchange”), where nearly 1.3 million of the uninsured Floridians will find out that they are eligible for a premium tax credit to help them purchase coverage. So, what about the remaining 2.6 million Floridians? There are four groups of uninsured Floridians outside the parameters for financial assistance (tax credits) for health coverage under the ACA: Group A:  23% (~ 900K) … [Read more...]

Have You Heard About Tax Identity Theft?

January 13-17, 2014 Ready for tax season? If you haven’t heard about tax identity theft, you may not be. Tax identity theft happens when someone files a phony tax return using your personal information — like your Social Security number — to get a tax refund from the IRS. It also can happen when someone uses your Social Security number to get a job or claims your child as a dependent on a tax return. Tax identity theft is the most common form of identity theft reported to the Federal Trade Commission. The IRS says tax identity theft is a top priority and says it has hired new staff, explored new technologies, and adopted new … [Read more...]

Why Shopping Around For Auto Insurance Is the Number 1 Way to Save Money

News flash: you aren’t married to your auto insurance company! Yeah, your agent sends you (personalized!) holiday cards, and always remembers to ask about your son’s baseball season. You feel like you’re cheating if you dare check around to see if you are getting the most coverage for the best price. Well, lose the guilt friends because your loyalty could be costing you hard-earned money. Even if you are comfortable with your auto policy as it is; at the very least, shopping around lets you know your options. What if there’s something even better out there? Here’s why getting different auto quotes to compare to your current premium is the … [Read more...]