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High Valued Homes

high-valued-homeEvery homeowner should have insurance to protect their homes, but what about those who own more expensive homes or homes with higher market value? Do you know if a regular homeowners insurance policy will cover your high value home? If not, there is another kind of homeowner’s policy that can cover the costs.
High Value Home Insurance can protect your home in ways that a standard homeowners policy cannot. The coverage needed by a home of high value often exceeds the limits of a regular homeowner’s policy. As an owner of such a home, you and your family have become accustomed to a certain lifestyle. Don’t leave any of that to chance by assuming a standard homeowners policy can cover all of your assets and property. For example, if you have a luxury kitchen with expensive granite counter-tops and mahogany cabinets, a standard homeowners policy may only cover a portion of the costs to replace them should something happen.

Our Luxury Home Insurance is designed specifically for:

  • Homes valued over $750k
  • Estates with multiple dwellings (for onsite servants)
  • Homes with high-value items on display