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Uninsured Floridians Still Searching For Health Care Coverage

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has the potential to extend healthcare coverage to the estimated 3.9 million non-elderly uninsured Floridians.  There are approximately 100 health plans to choose from on the federally-run online Marketplace (aka: the health insurance “exchange”), where nearly 1.3 million of the uninsured Floridians will find out that they are eligible for a premium tax credit to help them purchase coverage. So, what about the remaining 2.6 million Floridians?

There are four groups of uninsured Floridians outside the parameters for financial assistance (tax credits) for health coverage under the ACA:

Group A:  23% (~ 900K) income too high or has coverage options through their employer,
Group B:  12% (~ 470K) are undocumented immigrants,
Group C:  11% (~ 430K) qualify for Medicaid, and
Group D:  20% (~ 764K) in a coverage gap and not eligible for Medicaid or ACA.

Let’s just say you fall in our “Group A” category along with the other 900,000 fellow Floridians that don’t’ have health insurance because they are either offered coverage at work or they have ‘too much” income?  Well if you do fall into this category and are seeking to understand why premiums have seemed to significantly increase for you, you’re not alone. This is a huge national topic that has particular importance to our state of Florida. It’s confusing, and many people are overwhelmed at the idea of researching their options.

IIAoA can help you understand your options, especially if you fall into  “Group A” above. Call, click or come by our office in Lake Mary. We are more than happy to guide our fellow Floridians through the process of obtaining healthcare, no matter how they are “categorized” because in the end, we are ALL Floridians.

Source: data for statistics provided byHenry J. Kaiser Family Foundation