Why Shopping Around For Auto Insurance Is the Number 1 Way to Save Money

News flash: you aren’t married to your auto insurance company! Yeah, your agent sends you (personalized!) holiday cards, and always remembers to ask about your son’s baseball season. You feel like you’re cheating if you dare check around to see if you are getting the most coverage for the best price. Well, lose the guilt friends because your loyalty could be costing you hard-earned money. Even if you are comfortable with your auto policy as it is; at the very least, shopping around lets you know your options. What if there’s something even better out there? Here’s why getting different auto quotes to compare to your current premium is the … [Read more...]

4 Tips To Save Money On Gas

In today’s struggling economic times, people are constantly looking to save money by cutting things from their lives that are not considered necessities.  Fuel is – unfortunately – not one of those things for most of us. Whether it’s getting you from Point A to Point B, allowing you to cook or warming your home, the cost of fuel is a common “must” included in most budgets. This fact creates an unfair advantage to the oil companies, because consumers have very little leverage to keep the cost of gas down.  The rising costs of fuel have obviously had a negative impact on our pocketbooks, and excessive fuel consumption has also allowed for a … [Read more...]