Dog Owners: Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

Did you know that man’s best friend is behind ONE-THIRD of all homeowner’s claims? Who would've thought? Over the last decade, the number of insurance claims related to dog bites has stayed about the same. A lot of people probably have no idea whether they are covered if Fido flips out on the delivery boy (or worse: the neighbor's kid). Then, all of the sudden, the amount of money paid out in claims ballooned to nearly $500 million per year! That's an increase of 51% over the last decade, according to the data from the Insurance Information Institute (III). Here are some facts from the American Veterinary Medical Association: Each … [Read more...]

Are Your Homeowner’s Rates Increasing?

Florida homeowners are playing the highest insurance rates in the nation, even though we haven’t been hit by a hurricane in nearly a decade. So what gives?  State regulators have continued to approve rate increases this year, although there are signs rates may finally be stabilizing. The best way to for Florida homeowners to maximize savings on coverage is to confirm whether you are eligible for any discounts, and to compare rates using an insurance agent that has access to multiple carriers. Most homeowners have their insurance costs escrowed in with their mortgage payments and may not be aware that the policy increases as years go by. … [Read more...]