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Are Your Homeowner’s Rates Increasing?

Florida homeowners are playing the highest insurance rates in the nation, even though we haven’t been hit by a hurricane in nearly a decade. So what gives?  State regulators have continued to approve rate increases this year, although there are signs rates may finally be stabilizing.

The best way to for Florida homeowners to maximize savings on coverage is to confirm whether you are eligible for any discounts, and to compare rates using an insurance agent that has access to multiple carriers.

Most homeowners have their insurance costs escrowed in with their mortgage payments and may not be aware that the policy increases as years go by. This is why it is so important to have an agent like IIAoA on your side. We can review your current homeowner’s insurance policy and shop around to make sure that you are getting the proper coverage at the best possible price.

In 2011, Florida had the highest average annual premium ($1933) in the nation, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Many Florida homeowners are paying a premium that is much higher that the average policy cost. To make sure you have the protection you need at a fair rate, we suggest that you compare rates from multiple insurance companies that offer coverage in the state of Florida. Here is a link to our free Instant Quote that will provide you with multiple quotes from trusted carriers that we have worked with for years.